Earn Continuing Education Credits

Earn continuing education credits with AFIRM

Select the Certificate Track to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or Type-2 Continuing Education (CEs) units

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How do I earn continuing education credits?

For each module, you will have the option to select either a Certificate Track or Non-certificate Track. Be sure to select the blue Start Certificate Track button to be eligible for continuing education credits.

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After completing the module requirements (i.e. Pre-assessment, Post-assessment, and Module Evaluation), access your My Account (top right corner of your computer screen) page for links to registering for continuing education credits. 

Note: You may need to review the module and take the post-assessment again if your post-assessment has expired in order to become eligible for CEUs or Type-2 CEs.

You will need to click the link for the type of continuing education units you wish to earn. Below is an example of what the active links will look like on your 'My Account' page once you are eligible.

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Important Information

  1. Registration for CEUs and CEs are now available.
  2. NOTICE: The registration fees for any AFIRM module is $35 and NON-REFUNDABLE.  Below is a list of how many CEUs/Type-2 CEs can be earn per module.
  3. Have your credit card information on hand before you continue with registration.  Only VISA or MasterCard accepted.
  4. For CEUs from the Friday Center at UNC-Chapel Hill - Within 45 days of receipt of payment and confirmation of completion of module requirements, you will receive an email from the Friday Center with an UNC PID number.  Use this UNC PID number to login to the Friday Center to request your CEUs.
    1. Please note: As we do not maintain a registry of agencies and/or organizations that accept CEUs from AFIRM for professional development hours or licensure needs, please check with your agency or organization to find this information.
  5. For Type-2 CEs from the National Professional Development Center on ASD (for BCBAs only) -  Within 45 days of receipt of payment and confirmation of completion of module requirements, you will receive an email from AFIRM with your Type-2 CE certificate attached.  If you have further questions about obtaining Type-2 CEs or concerns, please email AFIRM.
Module Registration Fee CEUs Type-2 CEs
Antecedent-based Interventions $35 .2 2
Cognitive Behavioral Intervention $35 .2 2
Differential Reinforcement $35 .3 3
Discrete Trial Training $35 .3 3
Exercise $35 .2 2
Extinction $35 .2 2
Functional Behavior Assessment $35 .2 2
Functional Communication Training $35 .2 2
Modeling $35 .2 2
Naturalistic Interventions $35 .2 2
Parent-implemented Interventions $35 .2 2
Peer-mediated Instruction & Intervention $35 .2 2
Picture Exchange Communication System $35 .3 3
Pivotal Response Training $35 .3 3
Prompting $35 .3 3
Reinforcement $35 .3 3
Response Interruption/Redirection $35 .2 2
Scripting $35 .2 2
Self-management $35 .2 2
Social Narratives $35 .2 2
Social Skills Training $35 .2 2
Structured Play Groups $35 .2 2
Task Analysis $35 .2 2
Technology-aided Instruction & Intervention $35 .25 2.5
Time Delay $35 .2 2
Video Modeling $35 .2 2
Visual Supports $35 .2 2