Learn with AFIRM

Learn with AFIRM

AFIRM modules guide your application of evidence-based practices (EBP)

What will I learn in a module?

  • Key components of an EBP including the various approaches that can be used with learners
    with ASD
  • Behaviors and skills that can be addressed using the practice
  • A step-by-step process for applying the practice
  • Specific resources that you can download and customize for your own use

How will I learn?

Each AFIRM module focuses on an EBP for learners with ASD and includes:
  • engaging case examples that demonstrate the behavior or practice in use,
  • multimedia presentation of content with audio and video clips, and
  • interactive assessments that provide you with feedback based on your responses.

Read more about how the unique AFIRM learning structure guides you through acquiring knowledge and practice applications.

Do I want to earn a professional development certificate for completing a module?

Each AFIRM module offers an option to earn a free professional development certificate.

Use AFIRM certificates for professional development credits and licensure requirements.

For each module, you will have the option to select either a Certificate Track or Non-certificate Track. Look for the following options on the first page of the module to make your selection:

How do I earn continuing education credits? 

After completing the module requirements (i.e. Pre-assessment, Post-assessment, and Module Evaluation), access your My Account  (top right corner of your computer screen) page for links to registering for continuing education credits. 

Note: You may need to review the module and take the post-assessment again if your post-assessment has expired in order to become eligible for CEUs or Type-2 CEs. Will not be available until April 2, 2018.

Need more help or have questions? Visit the FAQs section.