Learn with AFIRM

Learn with AFIRM: AFIRM modules guide your application of evidence-based practices (EBPs).

What will I learn in a module?

  • Key components of an EBP including the various approaches that can be used with learners
    with ASD
  • Behaviors and skills that can be addressed using the practice
  • A step-by-step process for applying the practice
  • Specific resources that you can download and customize for your own use

How will I learn?

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Each AFIRM module focuses on an EBP for learners with ASD and includes:
  • engaging case examples that demonstrate the behavior or practice in use,
  • multimedia presentation of content with audio and video clips, and
  • interactive assessments that provide you with feedback based on your responses.

Read more about how the unique AFIRM learning structure guides you through acquiring knowledge and practice applications.

Example printable certificateWill I earn a professional development certificate for completing a module?

For each AFIRM module, you can earn a professional development certificate by completing module requirements (i.e. Pre-assessment, Post-assessment, and Module Evaluation).

Use AFIRM certificates for professional development credits and licensure requirements.

How do I earn continuing education credits? 

After completing the module requirements (i.e. Pre-assessment, Post-assessment, and Module Evaluation), access your My Account  (top right corner of your computer screen) page for links to registering for continuing education credits. 

Note: You may need to review the module and take the post-assessment again if your post-assessment has expired in order to become eligible for CEUs or Type-2 CEs. 

Need more help or have questions? Visit the FAQs section.