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The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has created uncertainty and stress for many individuals. Coping with the unknown, navigating new work expectations, changing daily routines, losing in-person connections, and worrying about contracting the virus all contribute to stress. It may be challenging or feel overwhelming to adapt to these changes.

This guide was developed as a response to many self-advocates and family members who reached out to our team to develop resources for adults. It is intended to centralize many different adult-specific resources and can serve as a supplement or companion guide to the Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times toolkit, which was developed for families of children and youth with autism. You may find that specific adaptation and additions are necessary to best meet your needs.

The materials are divided into four topic areas: COVID-19 Resources, Daily Living Resources, Social Connectedness Resources, and Mental Health Resources. Each section contains developed materials and links to websites for other materials that may be useful.

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Sam, A., Dees, B., Waters, V., Hume, K., Steinbrenner, J., Tomaszewski, B., Perkins, Y., White, M., Rentschler, L., McIntyre, N., Szendrey, S., Nowell, S., & Odom, S. (2020). Supporting adults with autism through uncertain times: Companion guide. Chapel Hill, NC: School of Education and Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Retrieved from:

Supporting Adults with Autism through Uncertain Times Full Packet
The Supporting Adults with Autism through Uncertain Times Full Packet contains all of the content and resources related to supporting adults with ASD.
Resource Packets
The Resource Packets below contains contents all of the content and resources related to understanding COVID-19 and maintaining daily living, social connections, and well-being for adults with ASD.